Rumour Mill: Is Sears Closing in the Sault?


“Don’t believe the rumours” Maureen Webb , property manager at the Station Mall told “I can tell you that Sears is not closing”

Rumours have been circulating in the city that the anchor store at the Station Mall was one of several Sears outlets in the country that would be closing. can also confirm that the Station Mall has not been contacting by any other retailer to occupy the Sears space. The latest rumour had K-Mart interested in moving into the space. “We have not been contacted so I can tell you it’s just another rumour – there’s a lot of rumours out there” Webb said.

A call to the local manager of Sears was not returned. Sears has been the main anchor for the waterfront mall since it opened in October 1973, prior to that Sears operated a much small store front location on the corner of Queen and Elgin Streets.

After widespread job cuts and numerous store closures, the retailer posted a $118.7-million net loss posted in the fourth quarter in 2014. The retailer closed it’s flagship store in the Toronto Eaton’s Centre last year as well as other high profile locations.

Target Canada, a large American chain announced today that they are closing all 133 stores they opened just two years amid losses in the Canadian market.


  1. K-Mart has not been in Canada since 1998 when bought out by HBC, resulting in Zellers taking over their real estate. I have a hard time believing they will be in Canada any time soon when they’re closing stores left and right stateside.

  2. K-Mart should come back to the area, but sadly, if they did they would build up in the north end also.. We have to face it, the Soo is moving up on the hill, like it or not….

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