Sault Online First Star Interview With # 17 Nick Tassone


With Matt Stefano

tassoneSoo Thunderbirds top scorer Nick Tassone was named this afternoon’s first star of the game with two goals in a 6-3 win over the Abitibi Eskimos.

Matt: After a big 6-2 win yesterday, describe how things went for you this afternoon?

Nick: Overall, we had some good results as a team. Anything individually is just an extra reward. We got the 4 points and that’s what we wanted.

Matt: How did the two goals for you feel today adding to your totals?

Nick: It was a great feeling. I’ve gotten the start I wanted for the second half and I hope to continue it as we go along.

Matt: What is your plan heading out on the road?

Nick: Big 4 points up for grabs, it starts Wednesday in Sudbury. Every game from here on is crucial.

Matt: How is your chemistry with your line mates and who’s helping you out the most?

Nick: Me and Nick Sicoly have clicked all year, and with the addition of Nathan Hebert, it has elevated our game to higher levels. Both are a joy to play with.