Sault Ste. Marie Gets a ‘BINGO’ From African Youth Contingent


“Many people are happy with the Sault public transit.  Most people are excited with newness, a new climate, culture and the indigenous presence.” ~ Josh Kioke


I had a chance to speak with Josh Kioke from CWY. He and his counterpart, Regina Waita from Africa, are the Project Supervisors for a group of young CWY adults here in Sault Ste. Marie. Josh is a University of British Columbia graduate of Arts and First Nation Studies.  He is originally from the far North James Bay region and has grown up in this region.


Josh received word while he was overseas in Tanzania that his next journey would be here in Sault Ste. Marie acting as a supervisor and facilitator for the group that arrived from Kenya and Tanzania in December 2014.  He has helped find host families and community volunteer projects for those involved in this program.

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