The War is Over!


Algoma 1812 and the Ermatinger•Clergue National Historic Site commemorated the ending of the War of 1812 with historical re-enactments, cannon firings and musket demonstrations.

The 1812 celebration attracted 200 volunteers said Kathy Fisher, ECNHS Curator that included reenactments, festivals and educational tours in 2012 and 2013.
Last year, the Heritage Discovery Centre opened it’s doors  with exhibits that focused on the history  the War of 1812.

“I think the nicest part of it all is that we’ve been able to educate people about the importance of what Sault Ste. Marie had in the War of 1812” Fisher told Saturday. “Even myself, I had no idea until we started with it, of how many people locally took part in the War of 1812”


Cannon firings and musket demonstrations will occur simultaneously with a similar event taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana to acknowledge the Battle of New Orleans 1815 and the Treaty of Ghent 1814 – two pivotal events that ended the War of 1812. The firing of cannons locally is being coordinated through the Armstrong Company Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

The treaty was originally reached on December 24, 1814 but because of poor communication technology available then the Battle of New Orleans, which led to the Americans defeating the British even though technically, the war had ended.

Historical re-enactments and information was available throughout the afternoon.

“This afternoon will also be an opportunity to thank the many volunteers who assisted Algoma 1812 in the 5 years of commemorative activities,” said Fisher.