Three Unsettling Stories

Police Domestic

Between the 1st October 2014 and the 15th January 2015 a 30 year old male repeatedly attended to the residence and communicated with his estranged girlfriend. During this time period the accused was on multiple probation orders with conditions being not to communicate with the victim, not to be within 100 meters of the victim and to keep the peace and be of good behavior. The accused has been charged with nine counts of breach of probation and will appear in bail court on January 19, 2015.

Waiting For Her
On the 17th January 2015 a 23 year old male called his estranged girlfriends 50 plus times. At one point the accused threatened to kill the victim. The victim took refuge in a safe location and contacted police. As police conducted the investigation they attended at the victim’s residence and found the accused inside waiting for the victim. The accused has been charged with threatening death and break and enter and will appear in bail court on January 19, 2015.

Threatening Text Messages
On the 18th January 2015 Sault Ste. Marie Police officers located a 17 year old male who was wanted in relation to a domestic incident from the 16th of January when the accused grabbed his estranged girlfriend and pushed her up against the wall. The accused also broke various items in the home and punched holes in the victim’s drywall causing approximately $200 in damage. The accused has been charged with assault and mischief in relation to the domestic. This young offender also was wanted on an outstanding warrant from 2013 for sending threatening text message and breaching his probation order. The accused will appear in bail court on January 19, 2015 for all charges.


  1. What is wrong with young people today? Where did they learn these things. Who told them it was ok to raise a hand to a lady or treat her with such malice and disrespect? I blame the system for not being hard enough. I am fully aware of the challenges the judges face and the work liads but i think its gime to go a lot harder on these folks. In my younger days if my father knew It had happened i was getting it back in return. What happen to the days where it aasnt the cops you feared but the guy opening the door when they took you home and left you on the front porch trembling in fear of what was to come.

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