A Rant From Frank


Saultonline.com received the following from Ward 5 councillor , Frank Fata:

To those that this may concern: Was this decision the wrong decision ? Maybe it’s not such a big deal ? I most definitely think it is a big deal !!! I’m still sitting here shaking my head about this decision. I have the highest respect for the majority on Council, but this is very disheartening. This isn’t just about $80,000 extra dollars that we have to charge taxpayers in this year’s budget. This adds up to more like about $200,000 that it cost all taxpayers when Council decided to go against staff and put in 2 sidewalks on Retta St., McGregor St and now Upton Rd. The next street might be about $100,000. So now were up to $400,000. Where will it end ? The problem, and it’s a serious one; we have “SET A PRECEDENT” !!! Oh yes we have !!! All these streets that got their wishes are in Ward 2. So, how does Council, in its wisdom, decide that the next request that comes from, say, Ward 1 or Ward 3,4,5 or 6 say no to the same request ? Now, we’ll be up to about $600,000 in additional construction costs. And the nightmare continues..

Seriously, how does Council handle the next request ? And the one after that ? I wish someone could answer that simple question. I wish someone could tell me what I am not understanding. Do you simply fill up Council Chambers and get what you want ? If that’s all it takes then we are in for a rough ride, financially, going forward.

I’m sorry, folks, but I am very frustrated and I had to vent and I decided this is where I would do my venting. Thanks for indulging me. If you agree with me then I would say speak up and let your voices be heard.
I should say, if I’m breaking some sort of protocol or I appear to be disrespectful in any way, I do apologize. I’m just frustrated.

-Frank Fata


  1. Frank, sorry it was only your ward mate that got a vote. Not unexpected of you to go against your word of running again, not surprised. As for you mainly voicing your own opinion, need I get your views on library necessities, Bellevue park, bike lanes, etc.. You do not have a clue about those aged under 40 in your ward, sorry.

  2. Good Rant Frank, What ever has happen to common sense i n this city.People complain about property taxes rising and this is a n example of why.Do we really need two sidewalks on a street when one will suffice.The tore many sidewalks off streets and left one ,now the pinheads in ward one want two,why are they so privilege/ That is because you have two clueless Councillors with big mouths who stack council chambers with supporters to get their way and like the sheep they are,the rest by this BS.

    Oh ,I remember back when my friend Mark Brown and I showed up at council with a petition of over 10,000 names to have the name Memorial Gardens kept on the new arena.We all know that got defeated,yet lest than 200 people show up at council for a sidewalk and it gets passed.

    The more pressing issues of the day is the High snow banks on city streets which blocks vision for drivers coming out of their driveways.yet we have two Councillors worrying about sidewalks in their ward. We have issues to concern ourselves with like the conditions of our roads once spring comes and the potholes .Forget about sidewalks fix and resurface the roads,Ward 2 has some of the worst roads in this city,this is what Councillors Meyers and Sheehan should be working on not wasting our tax dollars on a sidewalk that wont get walk on.

    On another note who was the Rocket scientist who came up with three laning Queen East ? This was done for what a handful of cyclists who don’t have a clue to put their Bicycle away for the Winter.What ever happened to Common Sense in this City.

  3. If I’m a pretty good judge of character, you probably voted for the last place candidate in Ward 5. You sound like you two would have a lot in common.
    I will also waste as little time as possible responding to your comments. Yes, I do believe I represent the opinions of my ward.
    Many in Ward 5 are seniors and retirees on fixed incomes. And finally, I did say I would not run again, but if my very trustworthy ward mate has another person running in Ward 5 and this other person is an idiot; then I will run again. Ward 5 deserves decent and respectful representation. Sorry to disappoint you. I’m done.

  4. I really hope you follow through with your decision not to run next term. Glad I only voted for one councillor in ward 5 this election. (Not you). Your rant is pretty unprofessional, and a lot of the comments you make are inappropriate, your sole opinion and don’t represent the people in your ward.

  5. Never mind the damn sidewalks..fix the freakin roads..and with heart..no more shovel patchwork man!!!!
    And finally..get a damn contractor that works in forward..not the slowpokes that are doin the work in reverse now!!!
    Thats frustrating!

  6. The city already announced that the snow removers for city sidewalks are falling behind on their jobs. Why? Because of the continuous growth of the city (not a bad thing) and the expansion of needs that the citizens deserve. Sidewalks can save lives, thinking about the youth who lost his life walking on the shoulder of Queen street east.

    What doesn’t make sense, is that if there are problems with not being able to keep up with attending to city sidewalks (talks of that particular service would be cut, to save bucks), but increasing the amount of city sidewalks, just doesn’t balance out.

    People with disabilities, the elderly, those with small children and city tax payers going to work to pay back into the community, get the low end of the stick.

    Good rant Frank.

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