An Announcement From The Bud Robinson Team



SaultOnline Received the following important announcement.


LOVE…LOVE….LOVE that we are all a part of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE want to congratulate our fellow teammates Jessica and Lou on their engagement! Bon Soo Snomadness has been a part of our lives as a team for a while now…good memories over the last number of years that we have participated; we started out as the IFC Ice Warriors, then we became the Big EZ’s and now we are known as the Bud Robinson’s Bandits! We are 2 times champions and looking to make it a 3-peat…we love the sense of community spirit, the friendships and now we have an even cooler memory to share; 2 of our long time teammates are getting hitched! They couldn’t be with us this year on snosculpturing day….cuz…
Lou had big plans ~ to ask the woman of his dreams to be his forever girl! Whooooohoooooooo! This year is definitely one of our best memory makers yet! Friends that play together, stay together! Congratulations on your engagement Jessica and Lou, we love you guys! Whoooooot whoooooooooo! Love your teammates!