And on the Topic of OVERDOSE DEATHS: It can Happen to Anyone, Including You


One thing I know with absolute certainty is that a dead addict has never gone to rehab. Harm reduction theory provides the care and the compassion to see those who choose recovery though the process that is right for them. That process can be made up of many different things or it may very well be abstinence, but it is left as the choice of the individual seeking help. It’s a process of re-humanizing those that have been de-humanized by family, community, society and our health and legal system and keeps them alive long enough to perhaps make a different, better, or at the very least, safer choices for themselves.

There is something else that should be considered. More accidental overdoses occur during licit, or prescribed, use of opioids than do with illicit use. Most of us have been handed a script for an opioid at some point in our lives by our physician, surgeon or dentist. Did that doctor also caution you about the importance of taking that drug ‘only as prescribed’? Have you ever not followed the label on the bottle? Have you told yourself, “the pain requires just one more pill; it’s close enough to the time I’m suppose to take the next dose; one drink won’t hurt; or, I’ll double up so I can sleep though the night”? Each scenario is a potential for an accidental overdose. Do you not think that you should have been co-prescribed naloxone at the time you received the opioid script, just in case?

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