Bon Snow On The Way


It appears we don’t quite have enough snow for Mr. Bon Soo’s liking so another 10 to 15cm has been ordered up for the weekend.

The 52nd annual Ontario Winter Carnival kicks off tonight with slightly below seasonal temperatures and light flurries, but the heavier snow is poised to move in Saturday and last through Sunday, dropping as much as 15cm by Sunday afternoon. The good news is the temperatures will hold steady for about a week with only slightly cooler air than normal. Most days hitting about -10c for a high, normally we would see -6c. The bitter cold air retreats back to the north next week and warms up for the closing weekend of the ten day carnival.

By the end of next week, temperatures will rise to just below freezing, though a little more snow will accompany that. One thing the Bon Soo organizers won’t have to worry about this year is closing down the bum slides due to warmer weather.