Bon Soo Karaoke


If I’ve said once, I’ve said it a million times. The Sault is full of hidden talent and Wednesday night was proof of that.
Reggie’s West, the home of the 25c chicken wings, hosted this year’s Bon Soo Karaoke competition. Wednesday night was the preliminaries to the finals to be held on Sunday and the competition was intense. Gerald Guzzo, not in the competition, started off the show so as to get things warmed up. The competitors consisted of Steven Hewgill, Gladys Yuzon, AJ Cuthbertson, Susie and Tracy, Debbie Graham, Gary Smith, Rene and Matthew, Tina McLarty, Pierre, Sabrina Palchat, and Michelle Pelchat.
The video will show you excerpts of the singers. If you want to see the entire songs, go to youtube and key in everything sault or mike caruso. There are twelve entertainers that performed.