Champions Crowned in High School Curling

Team Rutledge

The High School Curling Championships were held at the Soo Curlers. There were 2 girls teams that played the best 2 out of 3, 3 Consolation teams and 4 boys teams using the double knockout method of elimination.

In the first round of boys action Team Servant from Superior Heights lost to Team Acorn from White Pines by a score of 9 to 6. Team Servant stole 2 in the first end while Team Acorn stole a couple in the fifth and eighth ends to seal the win.

Team Lemieux from St. Marys took the win against Team McClelland from Korah by a score of 8 to 5. Team McClelland stole 3 in the second end but Team Lemieux came back and scored 2 in the third and then stole a couple in the fourth end.

The first game of the girls division seen Team Rutledge from Superior Heights beat Team Simberski from Korah by a score of 9 to 3. Team Rutledge stole a total of 5 points in the first three ends of the game and held Team Simberski to a single in the fourth and Team Rutledge would add another 4 points in the fifth end.

In the Consolation Play-offs, Team Moore from Superior Heights had the bye for the first round while Team Kingston from Korah battled against Team Boissoneau from White Pines. Team Boissoneau came out strong scoring 2 points each in the first two ends and each of the teams would trade deuces in the third and fourth ends.

Team McClelland started the road to the win by scoring triples in the fifth and sixth ends handing Team Boissoneau the loss by a score of 13 to 7.

In the second round of the boys division seen Team Servant take down Team Lemieux by a score of 10 to 0 in three ends of play. Team Servant scored a deuce in the first and then stole 5 in the second and then another 3 in the third end. Team Servant will go up against Team Acorn for round three.

curling-2Team Rutledge beat Team Simberski in the Girls Division by a score of 9 to 3. Team Rutledge would steal 2 in the first and then another 3 in the second. Team Simberski got on the board with a deuce in the third. Each team scored singles in the fourth and fifth ends. Team Rutledge would score a deuce in the seventh and then steal a single in the eighth to win the Girls Championship.

In the Consolation Division, Team Boissoneau won against Team Moore by a score of 8 to 4. Halfway through the eight ends the score was close with Team Boissoneau leading by a score of 5 to 3. For the next three ends the teams traded singles and coming into the eighth end Team Moore had to score 3 to tie the game but could only score a single. Team Boissoneau will go back up against Team Kingston for round three.

Team Acorn
Team Acorn

In round three Boys Division Team Servant and Team Acorn traded singles in the first two ends. With a blank in the third end Team Acorn was forced to draw for a single in the fourth giving Team Acorn a one shot lead.

With two rocks in the house by Team Acorn in the fifth end, Team Servant was forced to draw for a single to tie the game at 2. Team Acorn was forced to take a single in the sixth end but came back to steal a deuce from Team Servant in the seventh.

Facing a possible steal of 4 Team Servant tried to take out as many Team Acorn rocks but left one for the steal by Team Acorn and Team Acorn wins the City Championship.

Team Kingston                                                                                 Team Kingston

The Consolation Division seen each team score three a piece in ends one and two. Team Kingston did a double take out to score a triple in the fourth end to regain the lead by two.

In the fifth end Team Boissoneau bounced right back by scoring a deuce and both teams had a score of 6 each. Team Kingston jumped into the lead in the 6th end and added a steal in the 7th to give them a two shot lead.

With Team Boissoneau down to their last rock they tried to take out Team Kingston’s rock but missed giving Team Kingston the win for the Consolation Trophy