Dreams and Realities


20150214_192413Sault Ste. Marie royalty, Dr. Roberta Bondar , continues to inspire young people and adults all around the world. Through the work of The Roberta Foundation, her high-flying accomplishments and many academic distinctions, Dr. Bondar is a woman of many talents.

An exhibition, on now at The Art Gallery of Algoma, is a collection of Roberta Bondars’ photographs. These visually stunning works of art speak to her unique set of skills. Dr. Bondar has looked at the world from all sides. The lens she looks through, gives rise to a most beautiful collection of photographs, where light transmits ,emits and captures Dreams & Realities,Human Sensitivity of Place. The Collection is a collaboration, curated by Patricia Bovey ,FRSA,FCMA, which features visual artistry through photography by Roberta Bondar, and textile art by Carole Sabiston.

agaThe Art Gallery of Algoma is in the midst of its’ 40th year celebration. Jasmina Jovanovic ,Executive Director,AGA, has been busy in her 3 1/2 years as Director. “The Planning began for this Collection back in 2013.” she shared. ” Dr. Bondar is a hometown girl, & Sault Ste. Marie’s favourite daughter. Bringing this collection here is very special.”

Dreams & Realities. Human Sensitivity of Place, is an exhibition that weaves storytelling through visual and textile art. Roberta Bondar’s photographs are an elevation of special canadian places. Places carved into ancient bio-systems, genetic materials, and organisms where light, and the absence of light, live. Roberta’s lens captures glimpses into geography, where “we can embrace what makes us special.”

Hoodoo Gorge - Dinosaur Provincial Park Alberta
Hoodoo Gorge – Dinosaur Provincial Park Alberta

At the exhibition launch of Dreams&Realities, Human Sensitivity of Place at AGA , Dr. Bondar spoke about visual artistry through photography and the way that photographs capture light in ways that encourage meaning and environmental stewardship, especially in “places that stimulate our curiosity about asking questions.” she offered. The collection of photographs by Dr. Bondar invite the patron to bear witness to a moment in time.  A time and place in history. Indeed, through her photographs, a person can travel to Canadian places where few might dare to go. The high Arctic, where ice shelves move and heave, divulging bio-systems, in a tenuous dance with evolution. Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, a depository for bones and striations in red rock, unearthed as time reveals buried stories for survival. Dr. Bondar shared with patrons at the AGA event on Sat.Feb.15th that a photograph, called “Half Moon” is, in part, an homage to american Ansel Adams (1902-1984), a pioneer in the art of photography, and stewardship of a national park system. “Half Moon” is a stunning photograph of Mount Logan, the highest mountain peak in Canada, and 2nd highest peak in N.America after Mt.McKinley (Denali)in Alaska.

Glacier End - Klune National Park and Reserve Yukon
Glacier End – Klune National Park and Reserve Yukon

Carole Sabistons’ textile art is a rich mosaic of light, colour and movement. She is an accomplished artist, including a recent project that was presented at Westminster Hall, London, England as part of the 2013 Cultural Olympics, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. Carole Sabiston resides in Victoria, British Columbia.
Over the course of 2015, Jasmina Jovanovic, Exec.Director, Katie Alton (Development & Marketing Manager) and the team at AGA will be celebrating artists that have a connection to our community and Algoma District. Jasmina Jovanovic shared “During this 40th year celebration, the AGA will continue to celebrate accomplished and emerging artists. The 40th year started in January with a winter festival of the arts” she said, adding “The winter festival featured 18 local artists.”

20150214_201458Among guests , was Roberta’s proud uncle Art Bondar, who introduced Roberta to her first microscope & her first flying lesson. Dr. Betty Roots, friend, mentor, and current Board member of the Roberta Bondar Foundation, and Professor Bonnie Patterson, President and CEO of the Council of Ontario Universities, and fellow Board member of The Roberta Bondar Foundation were also in attendance. The next stop for these three remarkable women is The Whopping Crane Festival in a coastal and wetlands region of Texas,USA, Feb.19th-22nd,2015.

The AGA has developed an informative booklet to guide visitors to the exhibition, through the visual legacy that is, Dreams & Realities. Human Sensitivity of Place.
Through the generous sponsorship of Dawson & Keenan Insurance, “This exhibition was made possible.” shared AGA’s Director, Jasmina Jovanovic.

The Collection will be at the AGA until May 24th 2015.
To learn more about The Roberta Bondar Foundation, visit this link. http://www.therobertabondarfoundation.org/
a link to AGA is found here

Valley of the Castles - Dinosaur Provincial Park - Alberta
Valley of the Castles – Dinosaur Provincial Park – Alberta