Dryer Fire Leads to Fines


Fines have been issued to the landlord and the tenant of a residence on Murphy Street related to a dryer fire which occurred on January 2, 2015. Investigation into the fire revealed two infractions related to smoke alarms.

The tenant was ticketed for failing to maintain a smoke alarm and the landlord was also fined for failing to provide operating and maintenance instructions for the smoke alarm to the tenant.

“We had conflicting stories as to whether or not the landlord installed smoke alarms on each level of this home,” reported Fire Prevention Officer Rocco Celetti. “The landlord could not provide documentation that the smoke alarms were properly installed when the tenant moved in last May. Consequently, the landlord is being held accountable for failing to meet his responsibility as outlined in the Fire Code.”

Recent amendments to the Ontario Fire Code require a landlord to verify that smoke alarms are tested annually and whenever there is a change of tenancy in their rental units. Also, tenants must notify the landlord immediately if a smoke alarm is faulty or not working.

“If someone was hurt as a result of this fire incident, the legal consequences for both individuals would have been far more severe for both related smoke alarm violations,” cautioned Inspector Celetti.

Both individuals were issued a $235 ticket, however, a person can face up to $50,000 fine and/or a year imprisonment for any offence of the Fire Code.