Extreme Cold Ends For Now – Warmth on the Horizon


The extreme cold warning has been lifted by Environment Canada and warmer air with a southerly flow will bump our temperatures back to almost normal for the weekend, but it’s not the end of the bitter cold – not yet at least.

Over the weekend temperatures are expected to reach -6c which is only slightly colder than it should be at the end of February. The warming trend is only for a few days before another wave of cold air settles in for mid week next week pushing our daytime highs back to well below normal. Temperatures will range from -14 to -20c for highs.

The real good news comes during the first week of March when warmer air will finally be allowed to move into the Great Lakes once a ridge over Alaska breaks down and allows pacific air to replace the arctic air we have had to endure for several weeks.

Several forecast models show a warming trend developing March 3 pushing our temps to plus 5 for the first weekend in March. Fingers crossed.

February 2015 is one for the record books, making it the coldest February on record for the area ever.