February 20th, 2015: World Social Justice Day


I wonder about the state of affairs in the Social Justice arena with cringe-worthy cynicism. I fear that weariness in a war-torn world will sink us- a collective exhaustion from keeping the wolves at bay.

I worry about world leaders in democratic nations. Constantly having to do battle with opposing forces, always pushing through an obscene orgy that is hell-bent on destruction of democracy, freedom and human dignity. Forces called extremism where matters of world peace, and social justice do not exist.

We need to give ourselves permission to be pissed off at people who waste time and seek to undermine our work places, our schools, our faith communities and our everyday, run-of-the-mill life ambitions. We need to summon courage and transmit a little righteous indignation, “Enough! I choose to be a voice for reason! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

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