Gro-Op Busted on Albert Street East

Police Weed

On February 15th Sault Ste Marie Drug Enforcement officers executed a CDSA search warrant on a residence on Albert Street East. Located in the search was a marihuana grow operation with 4 seedling plants. Also located was 16 grams of cultivated marihuana.

On February 18th officers located one of the residents, 29 year old Lorraine Roach and charged her with cultivation of marihuana and possession of marihuana. Roach will be attending court on March 23rd.


  1. What a (explicit) joke !! Four tiny plants ? We cancelled decriminalization here in 2002 because the USA was concerned about easy access for border states. Now it’s legal all throughout the U.S…. and us Canadian people have to deal with our hypocritical government shelling out oxys and booze. Who runs this country ? Charlie Brown?

  2. Wow… What a huge bust! Good thing you got these vile criminals off the streets (massive sarcasm) Hardly good use of resources and tax payers money here.
    4 seedling plants = $4000
    (Pffft hardly…)
    16 grams of weed = $250 fine
    Cost of sting operation $+10k
    Hardly justifiable! Don’t you have bigger fish to fry? Better use of time, resources and tax payer money?

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