High School Hockey Awards 2015

The High School Hockey Awards were given out and here they are.
League Champions – St. Basil Saints
Best Combined Goals Against – Matt Reid and Brad Caruso (St. Mary’s Knights)
Hockey03 Least Penalized Team – White Pines Wolverines
Hockey04 Most Valuable Defenceman – Daniel Cicchini (St. Mary’s Knights)
Most Gentlemanly Player – Matt Keenan (St. Basil Saints)

Hockey06MVP, League Leading Scorer, Rookie of the Year and Academic and On Ice Performance – Jonny Hammond (St. Basil Saints)

Rookie of the Year – Kierstin Williams (White Pines Wolverines)
First All Star Team:
Goalie – Michael Chilelli (St. Basil Saints)
Defence – Daniel Cicchini (St. Mary’s Knights) and Jamie Kamzol – missing (White Pines)
Forwards – Jonny Hammond (St. Basil Saints), Mitchel Robinson (St. Mary’s Knights) and Bryce Campbell (CASS Huskies)
Second All Star Team:
Goalie – Matt Reid (St. Mary’s Knights)
Defence – Jeff Auger (Superior Heights Steelhawks) and Marcus Sacchetta (St. Basil Saints)
Forwards – Matt Keenan (St. Basil Saints), Mark Khull (CASS Huskies) and Dallas Jollineau (St. Mary’s Knights)
Third All Star Team:
Goalie – Joseph Caruso (Korah Colts)
Defence – Caleb Orr (CASS Huskies) and Jarret Litalien – missing (Korah Colts)
Forwards – Mike Trunzo (St. Basil Saints), Mark McLean (Superior Heights Steelhawks) and Chris Moskall (Korah Colts