It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, SNOMADNESS World


At the end of Day 3 (Sunday Feb. 8th), SaultOnline was on hand at Redneck’s for the results of the Sno Sculpture competition as well as to witness their latest challenge, the art of moving pop cans from one table to another using only your mouths and a spaghetti noodle.

In the Sno Sculpture Challenge, Bud Roninson’s “Bad Bandits” took first place with their Mr. Bon Soo Winter scene. Pauline’s Place “There’s Sno Reason to be Cold” took second with their Community Bridge scene and the Sooligans “Blood Sweat and Beers” took third with their Bon Fire scene.

After spending 24 hours out in unfavourable conditions, the spaghetti can challenge seemed a welcome one with an ample supply of refreshing beverages and hot food on hand. Teams were asked to chose two members to compete in a challenge where using nothing but there mouths and a spaghetti noodle, they had to move three cans from one table and stack them up up on another. Best to let the photos tell the story here…

In all fairness, SNOMADNESS committe members “All Our Friends Are Flakes” were gracious enough to demonstrate how it was done both before and after the teams, with varied results. Team CIBC crushed this challenge with a time of just 60 seconds!

At the end of Day 3 the overall standings were:

1st Place – Bud Robinson with 80 points

2nd Place – Pauline’s Place with 65 points
3rd Place – Sooligans with 62 points

3rd Place – CIBC with 62 points

4th Place – Sault Pride 60 points

5th Place – Superior Test Icicles with 59 points

6th Place – Adrenaline Junkies with 56 points

Good luck teams and we’ll see you for today’s challenge soon!