Levant crowdfunding latest media venture


OTTAWA – Former Sun TV personality Ezra Levant is taking to crowdfunding to help back his new media venture — The Rebel.

According to the outspoken host’s website, he has already raised roughly $100,000 for new equipment and more than $15,000 a month in ongoing contributions to pay for the site’s operations.

The campaign allows contributors to fund a wide range of individual items including cameras and computers and other, more personal, items such as a staff care package and a $10 for a haircut for Levant.

Contributors are being offered perks including a chance to participate in a online video chat with Levant or former Sun TV host Brian Lilley.

Those donating more than $1,000 are being offered a 15-minute phone conversation with Levant or Lilley about the news of the day and a chance to provide their own feedback and ideas.

Since Sun TV shut down earlier this month, Levant and Lilley has been producing online videos on their bell.media website offering their take on the news of the day.