Male Faces Several Charges

Police Domestic

City Police arrested a 55 year old male on February 5th and charged him with 4 counts of breaching conditions of a Recognizance he was on. The charges all deal with domestic related incidents and involve communicating and being in the presence of the female victim. The accused will be appearing in Bail Court February 6th.

Months of Abuse
A 47 year old male was also charged with several domestic related offences on February 5th after Patrol officers and Detectives received a complaint from a female victim. It is alleged the accused committed an assault by punching her in the face and threatened death to the victim earlier this month. In January it is alleged he assaulted her again by punching and choking her. In November of 2014 it is alleged the accused hit the victim with a flashlight, causing injury to her face and also refused to allow her to leave the residence for medical attention. In September 2014, the accused punched the victim in the head and mouth and sexually assaulted her. In July 2014 another assault was reported where the accused chocked the victim and pulled her hair while he dragged her across the floor. In January 2013 it is again alleged the accused tied up the victim with a cord not allowing her to leave their residence. As a result 4 counts of assault, 2 counts of forcible confinement, 1 count each of sexual assault, threatening death and assault causing bodily harm were laid. The accused will be appearing in Bail Court later this morning.

No Assault
City Police were called to a residence in the “P” patch early this morning regarding an assault complaint. Upon further investigation, it was determined no assault had taken place, but the female involved in the incident was on conditions not to communicate or be in the presence of the male at the residence officers were dispatched to. These conditions stemmed from an earlier domestic complaint. The female was located at a separate residence and was charged with 2 counts of breaching conditions of her recognizance. She will be appearing in Bail Court later this morning.