New Dreams at Bon Soo’s New Home


The 52nd Annual Bon Soo Carnival is in full swing following the “grand opening” at Mr. Bon Soo’s new home at the canal district and Mill Market.


Though it’s a work in progress, the Bon Soo grounds at the Mill Market has great potential for bigger and better things as the development takes shape at the former St. Mary’s site.

BS7The Bumslides are always a big hit! This was the first time that the bumslides opened at 4pm on opening day. Normally the bumslides and the Winter Playground were located in a different venue from the opening ceremonies. In this new set up , the entire space is open with the bumslides on one half of the park and the stage and snowboarding area on the other.

BS8Speaking of bumslides, does anyone remember the first one? It was way back when the carnival was hosted at Queen Elizabeth Field.  A wooden structure , three stories high was built on top of a berm  (where the skate board park now stands)

Anyway, kids would climb these narrow steps to the top. There were about 5 lanes across. The wooden and fiberglass combo made the ride down very fast and with a bump in the middle, kids often went flying down – but hey it was the 1970’s.

Today of course the bumslides are made of pure snow.

BS3This family had the right idea eh kids?    The Bon Soo Carnival is such a great outdoor event for families, but sometimes some transportation is required. The best way to get the kids around? in a wagon! This wagon was awesome!

BS9In the past, this was known as the “opening ceremonies”  it was more of a ceremony and show that lasted about an hour, this year Bon Soo dropped the ceremony part and went all show with a nonstop  line-up of local musicians and performers.

This allowed families to stroll around the park visiting the other attractions. The fireworks then followed sharply at 7pm! 

BS10The top of the bumslides was the perfect spot for the spectacular fireworks show! 

BS6There was a special snowboard park that allowed snowboarders to strut their stuff!

BS4The Gnarly Bistro Truck is always a popular place wherever it goes. It was part of opening night down at the Mill Market , the aroma from this truck against cool fresh air just makes you hungry!

Get out and enjoy Bon Soo! – a full weekend of events to be had. The carnival runs for ten days ending February 15th with the annual polar bear swim. Check out the Bon Soo Events on the events page.  Check back to for continuing coverage of the greatest snow on earth! Bon Soo!