New Ontario Sex Ed Program Seeks to Reform the Way Children Think About Gender and Sex

In response to the newly released Sexual Education Curriculum in Ontario the Institute for Canadian Values objects to the Ontario government seeking cultural change through “reshaping” our children with radical sexual ideas.
ICV President Dr. Charles McVety says “it is deeply disappointing that Premier Wynne ignored the objections of hundreds of thousands of parents and resubmitted the same virtual document developed under the authority of disgraced Dr. Ben Levin.”
McVety goes on to say “the government has no right to attempt to reform the way our children think about sex and gender. Our little children should not be subjected to complex six gender experimental teaching. Ontario’s curriculum teaches gender identity 35 times from Grade 1 to 8,  as “male, female, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, intersex”.
Parents do not want their children led to question their gender.”
McVety also objects saying “we don’t send our children to school to be taught the pleasures of masturbation or the sexual equivalence of vaginal or anal intercourse. This is dangerous as the government fails to notify the children that anal sex increases the risk of contracting HIV by 30 times.”