Pressing Issues Remain


Sault North Waste Management Council (SNWMC) has worked diligently as a volunteer council since its inception in 2005 to extend the lifespan of the waste disposal sites to the unincorporated townships in Sault North. This has been accomplished through cooperation and support of MNRF, MOE, MTO, MNDM, Algoma Health, Local Services Boards , and the implementation of curbside recycling in the summer of 2007 .
Council has worked hard to obtain funding from various sources  ( government funding programs , foundation donations , and commercial advertising) to carry the cost of curbside recycling. This has contributed considerably
to extending  the life of Havilland Waste disposal site which was scheduled to close in 2009.
MNR manages and MOE monitors the appropriate use of the waste disposal site and the recycling depot .
The strategic plan developed for SNWMC clearly identified that short term funding sources would not
continue to be available to sustain recycling, and the program would need sustainable funding . During the past year,
tow Local Services Boards (LSB) in Sault North brought the information to their respective tax payers who voted
in favour of acquiring the legislative power to allow inclusion of the cost of recycling in their taxbase.

These two Local Services Boards represent more than 75% of the residents in the current service area.
Currently, both LSBs are in the legislative process required to include the cost of recycling in their budgets. It is a long process, governed by the Northern Services Act. There are no short cuts and this process could take a year or more .

The most pressing issue currently is maintaining the service until the tax base is available to support it . The struggle continues as we fight for means to support the costs for another year, and are grateful for the ongoing
supportive efforts and patience of GT Waste, the contractor.
This is not a done deal. We have to find the means to support the service until it is sustained by the LSB’s.
We happily accept donations. SNWMC is a registered charity, and we will provide charitable receipts for all donations. Please contact [email protected] , or call 1 877 -600 -0100.