Prince Township Reeve Wants Gas


The Reeve in Prince Township has been pushing for gas service for over four years and he’s not about to give up until homeowners are given a choice.

Ken Lamming, Reeve for Prince Township is organizing a town meeting to discuss the likelihood of Union Gas servicing the area.
“I have been working on this for over four years now and there is no excuse why it can not move through the Township as fast it went to Sunnyside Beach” Lamming told

Lamming said the townhall meeting slated for Wednesday February 25 at 7pm is open to all ratepayers in the township and he wants to see a good out. Representatives from Union Gas, a local rep and one from Sudbury are invited to talk as well as the MP and MPP will also be in attendance said Lamming.

“Last year we got our franchise from the Liberal Government to start to deliver gas in Prince and that has started on Base Line , now its time for the rest of the Township .There is 1100 people that live in the Township and it would be nice to have them all there or as many as possible.” said Lamming. “If you want gas now or latter on please make every effort to make it to this meeting”