Safely Eat Ontario Fish

Ontario Sport Fish

Ever wonder which Ontario fish and how much are safe to eat? Every two years The Guide to Eating Ontario Fish is published with this information and more.

The Guide, based on Health Canada guidelines, covers more than 2,370 locations across Ontario including the Canadian side of the Great Lakes. Inside you can find out:

  • sizes and amounts of fish you can safely eat
  • how to choose fish with the lowest levels of contaminants
  • fish you should not eat (including special advice for children and pregnant women)
  • how to prepare fish to reduce contaminants
  • different contaminants found in Ontario fish

You can also use it to identify species and angling destinations with lower contaminant levels. Started in 1976, Ontario’s program for monitoring contaminants in sport fish is the largest program of its kind in North America.

Where can you get a copy?

The guide is available online at and can also be downloaded in PDF format. In addition, print copies are available at select government offices as well as retail outlets like LCBO, The Beer Sore, Walmart, Canadian Tire and many of your favourite bait & tackle shops.