SSM City Hall and the 4.6% Tax Increase: The Dumb Bunny Budget

It’s been a while since City Hall announced a proposed 4.6% increase to property taxes in the upcoming budget. I was instantly angry upon seeing it; I just couldn’t believe it. I went scurrying for information, for verification that my hostility was justified, and I think I found it. What’s more, I think I came up with a way to balance the budget, while at the same time giving everyone who works for the City a modest raise!

Press reports indicate that City Hall wants to increase property taxes by 4.6% next year, because of a “1.4% increase in operating costs, a 5.8% decrease in Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund money, and the fact that they used up $2,150,055 in surplus money” to keep taxes at a zero increase last year. Well, the 1.4% increase in operating costs seems reasonable, but according to OMPF website, Sault Ste. Marie is slated to receive $247,600 more in 2015, than they did in 2104. Could someone please explain that? Why does the Ministry think we are getting more money, but City Hall is reporting a decrease? Which side made a big boo-boo here?

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