SSM, Constable Burrows: Cyberbullying of Greatest Concern

Pink Shirt Day 2015. left to right-Constable Rodney Burrows, Chief of Police Robert Keetch, Staff Sergeant Jane Martynuck

Despite endless campaigns and school seminars to end bullying the problem isn’t going away. And the problem isn’t as ‘youthy’ as glossy terms like ‘bullying’ make it sound. Nobody is talking about throwing sand in the sandbox or not sharing their favourite coloured crayon from their protected hoard of purple Crayola’s. The act of bullying often leads to more ominous conclusions for the abused student such as broken bones, flesh wounds, mental health issues and God forbid, suicide.

For the past two years Constable Rodney Burrow has worked as a liaison officer to Sault Ste. Marie’s elementary schools. “As far as bullying by its true definition we don’t see a whole lot of it. What we do see is a lot of conflict issues that if not addressed and resolved have the potential to turn into a bullying type situation. However, the majority of bullying that we see is via internet.”

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