St. Marys River: A River To Be Proud Of


The St. Marys River Remedial Action Plan (RRAP) was established in 1987 following the formalization of Canada’s and United States Water Quality Agreement. The agreement identified Areas of Concern (AOC) including sites along the St. Marys River.

AOC’s are defined as hot spots where the environment has been harmed to the point that it affects the enjoyment, use and health of that area. There were originally forty-three AOC’s designated throughout the Great Lakes in both Canada and the United States. The St. Marys River is one of only five AOC’s that is a bi-national effort. Both governments have been working together towards river restoration goals.

Corrina Barrett is the RRAP Coordinator. For the past five years her position has been funded through Environment Canada and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. However, the program is running out of money and for the first time in five years Corrina’s position may be at risk. With her contract ending March 31st 2015, the program has applied for funding to extend her position for one more year. In her role Corrina focuses on education and outreach as well as operating as the coordinated voice for the Bi-National Public Advisory Committee (BPAC). BPAC represents the public voice of citizens on both sides of the river.

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