Strategic Plan Puts Hospital on New Path

Sault Area Hospital

h3On a very cold February 19th,2015 afternoon, approx. 200 people filled the Auditorium of SAH, to learn about, Sault Area Hospital’s Strategic Plan. A plan that looks ahead to 2020, and is “continually updating and ever-greening,” as shared by SAH President & CEO, Ron Gagnon, “to meet the unique and diverse challenges of our community and region.”
Ila Watson,V.P Transformation & Human Resources, SAH, spoke to the issue of how a strategic plan of this magnitude comes together . She explained that the Strategic Plan has been” built in collaboration and consultation with several community partners, patient and family advisory council, doctors,nurses,SAH staff and volunteers.” “This Strategic Plan is a road map, allowing for future planning, moving towards 2020.”

Lawrence Conway is a member of SAH Patient & Family Advisory Council. He shared the role that the Advisory Council played in supporting the Strategic Plan. “The vision for the Advisory Council, is one that puts a patients’ experience as the priority.” and “When people come here (SAH)as patients, they may not have a general understanding of what is going on (behind the scenes at a hospital).” The SAH Advisory Council, works to promote a seamless system for healthcare, where staff are passionate about caring for all people”.

From a Board perspective, Greg Peres, SAH Board Chair, shared “It was important for us to understand who we are, both from within (the organization) SAH, as well as within the community.” and “The new strategic direction is one that undertook extreme collaboration from within a broad group of resources, including, community partners, on-line surveys, community engagement forums, patients, families, and staff.”

h2Ron Gagnon, CEO, SAH commented on the challenges that our population demographic, our geography, and an increasing geriatric community, can pose to health care systems within Sault Area Hospital. He shared the vision for SAH is one that “selects, retains and engages highly skilled staff at all levels of the organization” and “works with other groups in the health-care arena, and external systems, where a seamless provision of care is the objective”. Ron Gagnon further shared “We will continue to build on a strategy that embraces information and technology, not for technology’s sake, but rather as health links ; a means to facilitate care, when and where it is needed.”

Ron Gagnon shared a renewed enrichment around Mental Health leadership for our community. An SAH in-house cafe and catering initiative, ‘Ventures’, provided an assortment of cupcakes for the Strategic Plan event. ‘Ventures’ is part of SAH Mental Health programming.

Gagnon concluded the Strategic Plan launch event by sharing that ” SAH is about continually investing in leadership development, with an eye to excellence for patient care.” further adding “SAH is about Living our Values, instilling our I-Care Way in every facet of the organization.”

a link to SAH Strategic Plan can be found here…