The Wizarding World .. inside Joe’s Clockwork Computers


clockwork2“5 turns” calls out Joe Boileu, owner & wizard, behind Joe’s Clockwork Computers, in Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario. Joe is sharing critical information with the 20 or so gathered card gamers at his business. Every Sunday,Wednesday & Friday, gamers of ‘Magic,The Gathering’, come together for some serious gaming.

Joe shared, “Magic The Gathering has been played for the past 21 years” . “There have been games that go well into the night, if not the entire night”. Joe continued “Friday night is tournament night”, and “4 separate tournaments can take place “.

MTG is a trading card game, played by two or more players, each using a deck of 60+ cards. Magic, The Gathering (MTG) was first published in 1993, by ‘Wizards of the Coast’, a game company, and ” Richard Garfield a doctoral candidate at University of Pennsylvania when he first started to design the game”. (source,wikipedia). Magic The Gathering, has gained momentum, ever since.

“Some of the cards are quite valuble” shared  Boileau, “including into the thousands of dollars.”
Boileau said “There are new sets of cards out every three month.” adding “The cards are separated into three categories, Standard,Modern & Vintage”. Joe further said that “Vintage cards are the ones that can get very expensive to purchase.” An example of a deck from 2014 series of cards is ‘Blue Planeswalkers’, who control the flow of battle with powerful mind- magic. “The graphics and details on each card is truly a work of art.” shared Joe Boileau.

Joe’s Clockwork Computers provides space for this world-wide card game culture, and encourages people to come out and try your hand at it.” “Anyone who plays, or wants to learn to play ‘MTG’, is welcome to come out .’ “We play best 2 out of 3 games,” adding “there is a time limit on each game.”

‘Magic The Gathering’ is played Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 6:00 pm and Sunday 2:00 pm. Joe Boileau has decks of cards, and other MTG products available at his store.

Joe’s Clockwork Computers.
119 Black Rd., 705-253-3305 [email protected]

Interested persons can find information for ‘Magic The Gathering’ at the official website
The link below will share details of a homicide investigation, and resultant conviction (Feb.2013)of a man in Florida,U.S.A., who’s heinous act of violence was linked directly to the value of the deceased man’s ‘Magic The Gathering’ card collection.