Trivia Masters!


The Marconi Club, Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario played host to 32 teams vying for bragging rights as Trivia Masters. Kiwanis Lakeshore, a local service organization, which is part of the Eastern District of Canada & Caribbean Kiwanis International, continues to invite groups to come together for an evening of ‘trivial’ fun.


“Kiwanis Lakeshore, is part of a large District, that includes 245 clubs, in 17 countries” shared Serge Viau, Governor of Eastern Canada & Caribbean District, Kiwanis International. Serge Viau, and fellow members of Kiwanis Lakeshore, continue to support local community as well as projects internationally that focus on children, families, and building community.

“In the late 1990’s,and early 2000’s, Kiwanis International encouraged clubs around the world to focus on projects that raised awareness on the issue of iodine deficiency” shared Serge Viau. “Essentially, through this international (Kiwanis) project, iodine deficiency has been eradicated as a health crisis in vulnerable children living in poverty stricken areas around the world.”

triv3“The current International Kiwanis project is to eliminate maternal neo-natal tetanus.”said Serge Viau. “$1.80 (U.S.funds) will save the life of a mother and all of her unborn children.” said Serge “Kiwanis International has already raised $76 million dollars towards the $110 million dollar goal for the project.” Serge Viau encourages everyone to “Join the Movement”.

“Kiwanis Lakeshore meets every Wednesday at The Marconi” shared Gord Henderson, Trivia Nights’ ,Master of Ceremonies, and Trivia-question guide. “Everyone is welcome to come out, and join us at noon for our weekly Wednesday meetings.”


Ford Upton is the current President of Kiwanis Lakeshore. He is also a dedicated trivia- question master, spending hours working out the “10 rounds of 10 questions” for each Trivia Night. Ford Upton is the head judge, and final authority , as each rounds’ team answer sheets are compiled by the Kiwanis volunteers.

“Dave Shier, and Anthony Orazetti keep track of the teams scores, and continually update and tabulate the scores of the 32 registered teams .” shared Gord Henderson. Teams are invited to purchase ‘mulligans’ before Trivia Night begins. “Each team can use up to three mulligans over the course of the 10 rounds of 10 questions.” shared Bonnie Kirk. Mulligans are placed on the answer sheet corresponding to the question that a team struggles with. Each year there are more teams joining the trivia challenge. “This year we welcome nine new teams” shared Gord Henderson.
The teams scores are projected on the screen at the end of each round. As Gord Henderson reads the correct answers, there are often collective cheers or groans, as teams either move up or move down the ‘score ladder’.


There was an exciting finish to the 12th Annual BonSoo Trivia Night. Two teams were tied for 2nd place. Team ‘Trivia All-Minds’ & Team ‘Batman The Horse’, went head to head in a sudden death ‘question-off’ to determine 2nd and 3rd place.

After two or three attempts to break the tie, it turned on a question about the “The Hardy Boys”.
• 1st Place went to Team “Knightmares”
• 2nd Place “Trivia All-Minds ”
• 3rd Place “Batman The Horse”


Kiwanis Lakeshore continues to inspire and build community through events like Trivia Night. “Our club is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Kiwanis International.” shared Serge Viau. “Come out and join the Movement”

The next Trivia Night is in Fall 2015, Thursdy,October 22nd at the Marconi Club.