Vulcan residents stunned by Leonard Nimoy’s death


VULCAN, Alta. – Actor Leonard Nimoy’s death holds added sadness for the town of Vulcan, Alta., where the man who played Star Trek’s Mr. Spock is being fondly remembered as a gentleman.

Residents of the tiny town southeast of Calgary that shares the name of Spock’s home planet in the iconic TV series were coming to grips with Friday’s death of the actor who energized their tourism industry.

Nimoy electrified a crowd of thousands when he detoured for a visit from Calgary’s comic expo in 2010, and only hours after his passing the town was collectively feeling his loss.

Mason Dodds says people will undoubtedly feel saddened and expects the coming days will likely be a time of reflection upon how he cast star power over their tiny community.

Louise Christie says his advocacy was a godsend to a place that struggles economically because he helped differentiate Vulcan from the other towns — but she hopes they don’t cash in on his death.

The municipality of fewer than 2,000 holds an annual Spock Days Festival, unveiled a bust of Nimoy during his visit and even features sidewalks emblazoned with the Starfleet insignia.