Watch Out For This Fraud


Yesterday afternoon City Police received a call involving a telephone scam. A homeowner reported they received a call advising they had won a trip but that in order for the trip to be processed the winner had to send money. Unfortunately money was sent.

The victim received a second call yesterday with a request that more money be sent. This is when the police were notified. Fortunately the cheque that was sent was cancelled so the victim is not out any funds.

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service would like to remind the public that if something sounds too good to be true is likely is. You should never have to send money to claim a prize you have won.


  1. This sounds like the complaints lodged at where the victims were promised free trips to the Bahamas or a Caribbean cruise. But the catch was, the victims had to send money. Unfortunately, there were a few who were scammed out of money. So please remain vigilant. Treat suspicious calls as scam calls and report them to the proper authorities. Warn family and friends, too.

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