We Have A Plan – Are you ready to see it?


It is a big day on the road to ending poverty in Canada.

Dignity for All – A National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada released Dignity for All: A National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada.

Over the past five years, the Dignity for All campaign has garnered support from 15,000 people in Canada and 600 organizations who believe it is time for the Federal Government to step up and take responsibility for this country’s impoverished populations.

This plan was developed through an extensive process of community engagement by Dignity for All and presents the key planks of an anti-poverty plan that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of low-income people living in Canada, achieving greater prosperity and security for all.

The plan calls for the Federal Government to immediately take action to address both the immediate and long-term needs of the 1 in 7 Canadians who live in poverty.

Canadians care about poverty; it is no longer an issue that individual members of parliament can avoid.