Well, Hello Dolly (in photos)


Director Timothy Murphy along with the Sault Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. John Wilkinson
put together the production of Hello Dolly. The production runs until March 1 at the Community Theatre Centre.

When the orchestra wasn’t playing there were times in the production that even the conductor had a laugh or two and even some of the members of the orchestra.
Hello Dolly Pit Orchestra:
Violin 1 – Anya Mallinger, Kim Bell & Emma Ledford
Violin 2 – Nina Woodgate, Matthew Wilkinson, Hamish Currie & Kathy Evoy
Viola – Dottie Case
Cello – Bernadette Merrit, Mary Sammon, Joan Sutherland & Kathlreen Trussler
Bass – Martin Virta, Paul Ignatowski & Sara Jain Swain
Reed I – Rob Galbraith
Reed II – Bruce Anderson
Reed III – Bobby Gasparelli
Reed IV – Cathy Wilkinson
Trumpet – George Townsend, Jay Dinsdale & Danny Nacker
Trombone – Leila Mehkeri, Mary Ann Barban & John Dowding
Keyboard Percussion – Ron Dalcin
Percussion – Louis St. Pierre

Sue Barber in the lead role
Sue Barber in the lead role

Mrs. Dolly Levi – Sue Barber
Ernestina – Louise Stephens
Ambrose Kemper – Devon Shearsby
Horace Vandergelder – Robb Fisher
Ermengarde – Moira Boucher
Cornelius Hackl – Allen Phillips
Barnaby Tucker – Benn Fisher
Minnie Fay – Alexandria McCauley
Irene Molloy – Lola Kennedy
Mrs. Rose – Heather Bodnar
Rudolph – David Walsh
Judge – John Stephens
Court Clerk – Art Fink



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  1. Your Hello, Dolly! pics are really nice photos! Is there any way to get a copy? My husband is the gentleman in the wheelchair in the last photo. I’d love to have one.

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