What a Tournament


A lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of prizes, and a lot of fun for the kids and the parents at the 7th Annual Bon Soo Mini Stick Tournament held at St. Basil’s School on Sunday. They had a bigger crowd than Tampa Bay and Carolina have on some nights.


It turned out to be the most successful tournament yet.

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers that put in the time to make it a success.
Following are the winners and second place finishers in each division:

2009 Vommaro 09
Max Vommaro,
Adam Pszeniczny,
Tucker Witt,
Frankie Reda


2007 Caruso 07
Maeson Goulet,
Sam Caruso,
Drew Allison, Griffen Albert

2006 Carchidi 06
Ethan Carchidi,
Kaylob Thibodeau, Carter Young, Danny Guzzo

2005 Lidstone 05A
Nick Kelly, Carter Lidstone, Connor Haynes, Cooper Foster

2004 RED Fenlon 04R
Bryan Fenlon,
Adam Barone,
Tyson Doucette,
Devin Mauro


2004 WHITE
Gardner 04W
Blake Gardner,
Colin Sirois,
Ethan Ross,
Matthew Forsey

2003 Watson 03
Owen Watson,
Hunter Wardell,
Isaac Bennett,
Theo Smith

2002 Santa Maria 02
Brock Santa Maria,
Mark Keenan,
Kyle Finateri,
Noah Zeppa

2009 Young 09
Brady Young Will Frania Kyle Crack Damian Toresin

2007 Girardi 07
Carter, Addison, Chase, Folien

2006 Bondar 06
Kurtis Bondar,
Ethan Desmoulin, Sebastian Dosreis, Nathan Whitely

2005 Novello 05B
Evan Novello,
Tyler Caruso, Cooper Williams, Devon Fabbri


2004 RED
Metivier 04R
Noah Metivier,
Carter Gallivan,
Creo Solomon,
Ariella Merlino

2004 WHITE
Bumbaco 04 W
Daniel Bumbaco,
Joel Belec,
Christian Strickland,
Michael Forbes

2003 Barnes 03
Carson Barnes,
Connor Simms,
Ross Harris,
Kristain Capisciolto

2002 Caputo 02
Caden Caputo,
Gaston Mattila,
Zachary Tarantini



  1. Hi Mike,
    What a great job you did – very professional! I know it takes a lot of time and dedication to highlight these community events and we all thank you for that. Keep up the great work, buddy.

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