25 Horses Removed – Charges Pending


As a follow up to a story SaultOnline.com broke last week, a local horse ranch and its owner are once again in trouble.

In August of 2012, 11 horses in various degree of neglect were removed from Circle H Ranch on Case Road. Since then there has been more investigations, more court appearances and now the owner

File Photo: From a former volunteer
File Photo: From a former volunteer This photo dates back prior to the August 2012 charges.

Rebbecca Hurley awaits a sentencing hearing surrounding the first charges laid by City Police.

On Thursday of last week, the Regional branch of the OSPCA removed an additional 25 horses deemed in poor condition by a vet at the premises.

Brad Dewar, investigating officer with the OSPCA tells SaultOnline.com that the most recent seizure of the animals are a separate investigation.

“There was a Veterinarian’s certificate of removal  to the owner” Dewar said in a phone interview from Sudbury.  Dewar said the animals in question were examined by a Vet that in return called for the removal.  OSPCA inspectors spent the better part of Thursday removing the animals from the ranch. They will now be vet checked and housed a various foster homes.

The ranch on Thursday of this week. No horses were seen on the property
The ranch on Thursday of this week. No horses were seen on the property

Hurley faced numerous orders from the August 2012 seizure – including to build property shelter on the property and provide vet care to the animals.

The 11 horses originally seized were never returned to Circle H – SSM Humane Society report that well over $100,000 was spent on the horses. Hurley needed to pay that in order to have the horses returned.  Charges are pending on the new investigation Dewar said.

Hurley was recently found guilty of a lessor charge laid by City Police in 2012. She awaits a sentencing hearing on that charge.

Counsel for Hurley, local lawyer Ken Walker was not available for comment.



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