Trembinski Looking Strong Heading into Last National Competition


There is less than a week left before Gary Trembinski competes in the final competition of his season, as well as the final national competition, Canada Cup 4 Finale held at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Alberta.

Trembinski is heading into the competition strong as he set a new personal best time of 37.55 seconds in the 500m at the Olympic Oval Grand Prix in Calgary. “Finale is the time of the season where everything comes together. All the long hard days of training and the countless hours we spend on and off the ice trying to perfect everything for this competition,” Trembinski said. “Since I’ve been training here, I’ve set a new personal best time the week before Finale (Grand Prix), and then when I get to Finale, I crush that time too.”

Under the guidance of Olympic coach Todd McClements, Gary has a full slate of racing ahead of him in the next few days. On Thursday, March 18th, he’ll compete in a 500 meter as well as a 1000 meter. Friday is a rest day and Saturday will see the same schedule as Thursday. Trembinski will finish off his season skating a grueling 1500 meter. “I’ve only had the opportunity to skate one 1500 meter this season. It’s definitely not my forte, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be tough. I’m not one to back down to a challenge.”