A Dog with a Job


dogs-with-jobs-2Everyone who comes into Greenwood’s is greeted  by a very large busy-body name BO.  He is a purebred Bouvier Des Flanders that has been here since he was 12 weeks old.   He turns 3 this year.   We have a lot of customers who come in on a weekly basis with doggie biscuits to see Bo.   He is a happy go -lucky type of dude and can usually be seen sprawled out in front of the door under his “Dog on Duty” sign.
He usually doesn’t get up and people have to literally step over him.   LOL!   I guess you can say he works when he wants to.

Our bird is “Willy”.  He has been with us for 7 years.   He is chirpy and noisy but has his own line-up of faithful subjects who come and spend time with him!
Today we had a visit from Christina Coutu from the Sault Community Career Centre who BO has claimed as his new BFF.   We have to send out a big Kudos to the great staff at the Career Centre!   There services go above and beyond!!

Come visit us at Greenwood’s to meet Bo  and get some keys made!