Alumni Donations Boost As ONE Campaign


The As ONE Campaign has a very lofty goal of raising four million dollars for the fit-out of the new theatre at St. Mary’s College and construction of an artificial turf field and rubberized track. Every donation, big or small, is important and that is being proven by alumni donors, for very different reasons.

Sault Ste. Marie dentist Michael Nanne and family are sponsors of the Physical Education space in the new SMC.

“My wife Patricia (nee Theriault) is an alumna of Mount St. Joseph, as is our daughter Karla, and I, along with sons Mike Jr. and Kevin graduated from St. Mary’s College. We all remember our Catholic educational experience and have benefitted in many, many ways because of it. It’s nice to give back,” said Nanne.

Terry Walker, who graduated from St. James Catholic Elementary and later Mount St. Joseph College pledged to the campaign.

“This is a very worthy cause. Our children need a holy place to pray and the Chapel will be that place,” said Walker.

Carol Amadio, who attended both Mount St. Joseph College and St. Mary’s College, wants to enhance the Catholic education experience for her grandchildren.

“I owe a great debt to Catholic education. My Catholic education shaped me into the person I am today. My school experience taught me the value of community and family. It taught me to persevere through tragedy and hard times. It gave me faith in the One who is greater than even our sorrows,” said Amadio.

Another donation was made by a very recent SMC graduate. Lucas Chiarello, who graduated in June of 2014 and is currently attending the University of Waterloo, donated $250 to As ONE.

“St. Mary’s College and its outstanding teaching staff have shaped me to become the student I am today. I would never have succeeded as much without SMC, which I miss very much. I will never forget my time at St. Mary’s and I want future students to feel and experience the memories that I did,” said Chiarello.

We are very grateful for the generosity shown by these supporters and it serves as a reminder that every dollar does count in creating state-of-the-art facilities for St. Mary’s College students to participate in the arts and athletics. All donations to As ONE will be recognized within the new SMC.

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