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chase and his dadChase is an 11 year old brave little boy. He is currently in 5th grade and is a happy go lucky boy that loves to swim and wants to learn to skate so he can play hockey one day. Chase has Alport’s Syndrome, which is a rare kidney disease.
Chase’s kidneys are now at a 10 % functionality and is in renal failure. In October 2014 Chase was in for his regular monthly blood work when we got the call that Chase was going in to renal failure and had to be rushed to London Ont. Children’s Hospital. He had to undergo an operation to start peritoneal dialysis .
During this month long hospital stay his father and step=mother were trained by the neurology staff on the peritoneal dialysis process and procedures in order to administer the dialysis, and other related medical needs on a nightly basis when we returned home. Currently Chase has a routine of blood work, urine tests, 14 different medications per day , a weekly injection , and is on dialysis every night for 9 hours. Without these things he wouldn’t survive. During these past few months both Chase and his father have undergone several tests to see if his dad is a positive match to be a kidney donor for him.
All tests have come out positive. During the numerous doctor’s appointments and constant 8 hour drives out of town to be seen by his specialist it has been an emotional and physical strain on Chase, but through it all he has consistently tried to stay positive knowing that he will be receiving a kidney from his dad. The family is hoping that the transplant will be happening in early summer of this year.
Once the transplant takes place, the lengthy stay out of town will be a trying one. The recovery process for both Chase and his dad is expected to be at least a couple months. Being in hospital out of town again for an extended period of time, is not only emotionally exhausting but financially draining. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chase’s contact info

Dana and Sheri Hinsperger
Home – 705-575-4526
Dana – 705-971-6239
Sheri – 705-987-0591

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. My husband and I have been doing everything we cab to keep Chase strong , healthy and as happy and positive as possible. We are very happy that Dana is a match for Chase which helped speed up the process in finding a donor for our son. The one thing Chase says he can’t wait to do is to go for a swim again…. so that will be something that he will be doing as soon as he can 🙂

  2. Hello there Chase and family,

    My name is Teresa Disano and I received my Kidney from my husband Marc. I did hemodialysis for 15 months then had my transplant in London, it will be 3 years this May. I can relate to what your going through with this disease and what comes along with transplant! There are struggles that you go through although the outcome makes it all worth it! I do a lot around our community to inform people about our disease as well as Organ Donation! Please feel free to get a hold of me as I would love to meet the wonderful young man Chase!

    May God Bless you family and bring the joy that Chase deserves..

  3. Hey Chase and Family,

    My names Cody McClelland, I received a kidney transplant from my Father 4 years ago when I was 18. I can relate to your on going struggles and wish you all the best. Please feel free to contact me through my email about question of before, during or after transplant you may have.
    Best of luck Chase and always keep your head up bud!

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