Chases’s Transplant Journey


chase5The journey from ill to well is sometimes a long one. In Chase’s case, it started when he was two and will hopefully be over soon.

When he was just two, after noticing that there was blood in his urine, it was decided that he should be brought down to a London hospital for further assessment. While there, the doctors determined that Chase had developed Alport Syndrome and was put on medication. Finally in October of 2014, after many trips, they were told that Chase had developed renal failure.

At this point a hero had to appear and he surely did in the form of his father Dana. Dana was a chase1match and the process was started. Chase will get his new kidney this year after suffering for all those years.

Along with this transplant comes a lot of expenses so a facebook page was started so as to canvass for financial help. A fund raiser will be held on May 23rd at the Verdi Hall. Tickets are available by calling 705-575-4526,
705-971-6239 or 705-987-0591.

Many businesses and individuals have already contributed to the fund raiser and money for the expenses. Some of the businesses that have contributed are O’Sullivan Funeral Home ,Stone’s Office Supply, Identity Spa, Fairfield Inn and Suits, Low and Slow, Tree Men and a Chainsaw, Laird Raceway , Domino’s, Boston Pizza, Hot Nails, Our Lady of Lourds School, local artists, and Holy Angels Learning Centre. Even a Bed and Breakfast in Niagara Falls has donated a two nights stay.

The Rosso family has to be thanked also. They recently had a death in the family and they requested that any memorial donations be forwarded to this fund.

We can’t forget the many individuals that have donated money to the fund, a lot of them anonymously.


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