Colours Selected for New SMC Varsity Athletics


SMCLOGOSt. Mary’s College will be getting a new home this September and with it will come a new look for the school’s varsity sports teams. The colours of the new SMC teams will be black, maroon, silver and white, which is a combination of the colours currently used by varsity teams at St. Mary’s College and St. Basil Secondary.

“We felt that maintaining the tradition of excellence in our varsity athletics included incorporating the colours so familiar with both St. Mary’s College and St. Basil Secondary. Each school has a strong athletic program and the colours they wore were synonymous with that success,” said Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board Director of Education, John Stadnyk.

How the four colours will be utilized in athletic jerseys has yet to be finalized. The process of selecting uniforms for the new SMC’s varsity sports teams is underway. Work on a new logo is also in full stride and will incorporate the ‘Knight’ mascot.

Once the new logo has been finalized and the colour scheme of jerseys and uniforms determined, an unveiling celebration will be held to reveal the new SMC’s look to the public.