Complaint filed against Canada Goose


TORONTO – A complaint filed with the Competition Bureau alleges Canada Goose makes “false and misleading” claims in the marketing of its popular winter jackets.

Animal Justice — an animal rights group that filed the complaint on behalf of six individuals — disputes the company’s claims that its jackets use coyote fur that is ethical and that coyotes are killed humanely.

A lawyer with the group says trapping coyotes is inherently inhumane and the animals can suffer before being killed.

Camille Labchuck also says there is no evidence that coyote fur around the jacket’s hood is warmer than fake fur, as claimed by the company.

Canada Goose says it is committed to the humane treatment of animals and only purchases coyote fur from certified Canadian trappers.

The luxury parka maker, which started out in a small warehouse in Toronto more than 55 years ago, is known for its extreme weather outwear — sold in more than 50 countries.


  1. I have a pack of coyotes behind my home that Canada Goose is welcome to ! This is in city limits , of course , they have moved in , and are everyware now , maybe a little fur lining will push them back , again

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