Dedicated to Head of The Soo Greyhounds

0 viewer, Tammy Semande Haman submits this heart to heart letter to Greyhound Coach, Sheldon Keefe

Gentlemen, As we prepare to take the ice tonight, I am reminded of the hard work and Determination required to get us to this point. I am Incredibly Proud & Honoured to be your Coach. We had a record breaking 110 point season. We placed first over all, in our division. We managed to hold down the fort with Great Skill, while several key players Selflessly Volunteered to represent Team Canada. The Trade Deadline was a game changer that brought in More Amazing Talent, and a Fresh perspective. Winning streaks have set the City of Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario on fire! Greyhound fans are filling the Essar Centre to capacity! Our citizen’s are on the edge of their seats watching the games. Make no mistake about it guys, all eyes are on you!

The truth is, We did have an Awesome Season, However it is Over Now. The playing field is equal across the board! Every team in this series has started Western Conference Quarter-Final Series with a clean slate. We may have dominated the last two games, but we must not forget that The Saginaw Spirit’s have defeated us three times this year. We are not on Home Ice any more! We must not Underestimate our Competition. This arena is filled with Saginaw Fans! Those young men are playing for their City, & their Families just like us. Remain focused this evening!!! Not on games already played, Nor games that are yet to come.
Tonight, we must set foot on that Ice Prepared, Disciplined & Above all Humble.

Look around you at your team mates, and take stock. Every person in this locker room played a part in getting us to Saginaw today. Some of you will be with us next season, sadly some of you will not, However, We have Today. We have practised our plays, we have learned to operate as one, like a team should. I am confident that our Commitment & Dedication will pay off.

I can fully guarantee you that, No matter what occurs on the Ice for the remainder of the quarter finals, this “2015 Band of Brothers” have Shattered Records, & forever changed the Face of Hockey in Sault Ste Marie for a whole new generation.

Let’s Proclaim that It is “Our Time” Let’s make Hockey History! Let’s give our fans memories that will be etched into each and every one of their Minds, & Ours.
Team Jacobs, proved that small town Sault Ste Marie, ON can produce athletes on an Olympic Gold level. Nothing can ever take that away.

Man to man, In this moment, Helmets off, Face to Face, There is NO measuring stick that determines any Single Player’s worth on this team.

We are the Greyhounds! We travel in a pack! We close in on our opponents from all sides with several members. We wait to Feast & Celebrate together as a Family only after our task is complete.

I want to see you guys go out there Tonight & Set an example!
Decree your devotion to Canada’s National sport!
Play fair like the team the Soo Knows & Loves
Show your unity by being unshakeable!
Wear your Maple Leaf Proudly!

Tammy Semande Haman