Derailment Causes Huge Fire

The derailment has caused a large fire at the scene as indicated by this photo Saturday morning -

Members of the South Porcupine Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were called to the scene of a Canadian National (CN) train derailment that occurred at approximately 2:45 am on March 7, 2015.

The derailment occurred 4 km southwest of Gogama where approximately 10 cars derailed. There were no injuries and Gogama Fire Department was called to the scene.

Several cars have caught fire, and others entered the Mattagami River System. The cars were carrying crude oil.

The cause of the derailment is still under investigation and the Ministry of Environment has been notified.

Residents of Mattagami First Nation are being advised not to consume water from the community source at this time.

Residents of Gogama and Mattagami First Nation are being asked to stay inside until further notice for public safety due to possible smoke inhalation.

Highway 144 at Highway 661 at the Watershed is closed as Highway 101 and Highway 144. There is access to communities north of Gogama by way of the Cache.


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