Forcible Confinement

Sault Ste Marie Police Services

On the 15th of March it is alleged a 24 year old male invited a female known to him to his residence. After a short time, the female wished to leave but the male would not allow her to do so, locking the doors and grabbing on to her.

After approximately 45 minutes the female was able to run out a side door of the residence and later report the incident to City Police. Shortly after midnight on March 18th the accused was arrested by Patrol Officers along with members of the Drug Enforcement Unit and charged with 1 count of forcible confinement. He will be appearing in Bail Court this morning.

Not Obeying the Rules
A 17 year old male was checked by City Police Patrol officers last evening in the downtown area. Further investigation revealed the youth was on conditions to reside at a certain address, which he was not as well as not to consume alcohol, which he was. As a result he was charged with 2 counts of breaching an undertaking and will be appearing in Bail Court this morning as well.