Gas Climbs Higher Depending Where You Are


Gas prices continue to inch their way back up after a 6 year low. Today in Sault Ste. Marie you might end up paying 6 cents a litre more than you did yesterday – but not at all of the local pumps.

Some stations, as of the noon hour Monday were still posting prices at $106.9 – which is the Ontario average. A few stations however have already pushed their prices up to $111.9.

Prices have held steady locally since the end of last year when prices began to fall world wide.

The price locally dropped to a six year low of .98 cents at the beginning of the year. Since then a yo yo of prices have come and gone settling into the $1.04 range on average.

Oil and Gas forecasters say that prices will continue to nudge up now that the refineries are finishing off the winter blend and the more expensive summer blend begins to come online.

Vancouver continues to be one of the most expensive cities to buy gas at $1.29 / litre.


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