Goodnight Sault Ste. Marie. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!


They’ve arrived and you might have not even been aware of it! Sault Ste. Marie has bed bugs and more so, the local bed bug population is thriving! Algoma Public Health Nurse, Kara Flannigan, and local knight in shining armour, Allan Mcbane of Bugland Pest Mangement, bring us up to speed on the local challenge with bed bugs and advise us how to rid ourselves of these annoying little bugs and better yet- not bring them to bed in the first place.

When a friend told me, with horror, earlier this week that there was some chatter on a local media site about bed bugs infesting a couple of units in a major apartment complex it sounded like a major scoop! But I was wrong. In fact not only does Sault Ste. Marie have bed bugs but there has been a notable increase in bed bug infestations over the past two or three years.

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