Help kids BE KIDS


What if you had a disability that took away your speech? You look longingly at the TV remote, but no one knows to pass it to you. You know the answer in class, but you have no way to share your accomplishment. You want to tell your mom all the ways you appreciate her kindness and patience. Then one day you receive the funding for an electronic communication device. You start stringing letters together, then words, then sentences.

Tune in to the Easter Seals Telethon March 29
“Change the channel, I’m sick of golf.”
“The correct answer is 44.”
“I love you mom, you’re the best.”
easter-seals-telethon-1You’re now able to tell jokes, say thank you, and argue with your little sister.
This is just one way that Easter Seals changes lives for children in our community and across the province. The Easter Seals Telethon is airing on Sunday, March 29 on Shaw TV cable channel 10 from noon to 7 p.m. and every donation called in helps make a difference in the life of a child with a physical disability.
“As the parent of a special needs child and a Rotarian, I see and experience firsthand how our community is so generous with the telethon. But without the continued support, families may not be able to let their child be like others,” shares Jane Martynuck, whose son, Ben, is a past Easter Seals Ambassador and uses a communication device. “From the simple things like a walker or wheelchair so that they can engage with others to a chance to go to summer camp without mom and dad. Please donate and make a difference in a child’s life.”
This is Jane’s first time co-chairing the local Easter Seals Telethon. She is working alongside Lori Amendola to make sure that Sunday, March 29 is a success. Lori has been involved for 13 years and co-chair for 5 years. “I am honoured to, once again, be working with our amazing Easter Seals Telethon volunteers, The Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie and Shaw TV.The  generosity shown by our community every year is amazing, and I look forward to being a part of yet another successful Easter Seals Telethon broadcast on March 29th. Our Easter Seals families need your help so, please tune in and donate!”
Another familiar face at the telethon this year will be host Shannon Gowans. “I am thrilled to be hosting this year’s Easter Seals Telethon.” Shannon’s first appearance was in 1983 before she had even celebrated her first birthday, and she began her role as host in 2013. “Easter Seals is an amazing organization that has given so much financial and emotional support to my family and me while I was growing up. I would not be the person I am today without them. It is my privilege to give back to an organization that has given so much to me.”In 2014, Easter Seals filled 1129 requests for Financial Assistance for equipment, and ended the year with 17 families on a waitlist for equipment. Of the families who requested financial assistance from Easter Seals and self-reported their annual income in 2014, 50% of families had a total annual household income under $40,000; and 26% had a total family income under $20,000.
Please tune in on Sunday, March 29 and call in your donations to 705-254-KIDS or donate online at